Holiday Hope - ...Because EVERY Family Deserves a Christmas
Holiday Hope starts early each year!   
Please read below for our policy and procedure!  Thank you!

Holiday Hope Creates Christmas Miracles!
Here at Holiday Hope, we are dedicated to providing a Christmas to needy families who would otherwise not have one.  Christmas is supposed to be a joyful time......but for some families, it's a time of stress and uncertainty.
Imagine being a parent....Christmas is right around the corner.  Maybe you've been unemployed , or maybe you've had some medical problems .  After paying the bills , there is absolutely nothing left for gifts or a special Christmas dinner.  You are heartbroken for your children.  What will you do?  The kids don't understand, and they will be so disapointed Christmas morning.  "Why didn't Santa come?"  They are good kids, and they deserve better  than this.  These are the stories behind the creation of Holiday Hope.

Each year, we are able to give food, clothing, and gifts to at least 150 families, resulting in many individuals having a brighter Christmas!  We work with local organizations, local food banks, shelters, and others.  Our goal each year is to provide an even bigger impact by helping even more famiies!
These testimonials are WHY we do this!!!
"Holiday Hope was a blessing for me and my family,I have always made Christmas special for my family,due to health issues I can no longer work,I spoke with Holiday Hope@Oregon Dairy and I shared some of my and they told me to email and give it a try....I was thrilled they helped me,and Christmas morning was a good one!!"

"Cheri Hocke Henry and staff: you went above and beyond with your help. high fives to all involved and Merry Christmas to us all and happy new year! Thank you very much when i say you went above and beyond, i mean way above and much beyond, thank you again x again". 
Sending many thanks to all those involved with the Holiday Hope , you all are appreciated more then you know. You all did a wonderful presentation for my whole family, we all loved it & are so grateful for your kindness & consideration. We are truly blessed to have all those wonderful gifts. God Bless you all & Happy Holidays from the Medina family. ♥
Information for Christmas 2017 - Please read carefully.

Holiday Hope starts early!  Apply early for help!  Also, "Adopt a Family" starts early, so if you would like to help, please contact us. 
Nominations and applications will be accepted from September 27 through November 15.  As in previous years, a professional reference will be required (unless the nominator is a teacher, pastor, counselor, etc.)  We will not be accepting applications after November 15, as we have done this in the past, and our volunteers have not been able to enjoy this beautiful season with their own families. 
We are a small organization with limited resources and volunteers.  We appreciate your understanding in this matter.  We have a responsibility to our supporters and our Holiday Hope families to select the most needy families who would absolutely not have a Christmas if not for our help.  We realize there is much need out there, and we would love to help everyone, but we can only do what we have the resources to do.  

This year, more than ever, we are asking for help from the community through our "Adopt a Family" program.  This program has been very successful and allowed us to help many more families.  Anyone (group, business, families, and individuals) who are interested in “adopting” a family this holiday season, please let us know.  We will match you up with a family early in November, so you have time to shop.  It's a more "hands on", personal approach to helping, as you get to actually shop for your "adopted" family members  

If you are interested in adopting a family, please contact us early!  We need the gifts before our family pick up day, which will be December 10.  We will be finishing up at this time, so our volunteers have time to spend with their own families, too!

Please contact us at 
Wishing you much love and Happy Holidays!

Thank you!

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