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2nd Annual Craft & Gift Fair
Christas in July Day
Christmas is Coming.....
We are growing!!!


Christmas in July - Update and Thanks!
Christmas is Almost Here!
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2nd Annual Craft & Gift Fair

Today was our 2nd Annual Craft & Gift Fair.  We had a great group of people there...from customers.  Everyone was very pleasant!  We talked to a lot of people about our organization, and they were interested!  We met a LOT of great people....and we got a few more volunteers. 
Last year was our first year, and it was pretty slow.  This year, it was better!  I know some vendors did really well and some not so well.  I think it always depends on what you're selling, the price, and what people are looking for that day.

Christas in July Day

I woke up Saturday morning, July 21 to the sound of rain falling.  We had worked for 5 months getting ready for this day!  We've spent the past 2 days getting things ready and setting up.  And now it was raining!!!   After a minor melt-down, and a lot of prayer in the car, I arrived at the Al Starr Building at 5:30 am, and it was still raining, although it was slowing down a little.  The vendors began to arrive.  My phone began to ring, text message came through, and I was too busy to keep answering the same question - was Christmas in July still goin on?


Wow!  When I think back over this last year, that's about all I can say!  We decided to go through the paperwork to become an official 501(C)3 corporation the beginning of last year.  I started the paperwork in April, and we started having meetings almost every month.  Between state paperwork and federal paperwork, we finally achieved our 501(C)3 status in November!

The first few meetings were held in my living room, and then we outgrew the living room, and Marticville United Methodist Church allowed us to use their facilities for our meetings and events.

Christmas is Coming.....

Boy, this year just flew by!!!  I can't believe we're starting to shop again.  Holiday Hope has grown tremendously this year!  We will be providing Christmas to 32 families, and gifts to 30 individuals at a senior center!  So many people are helping us...It thrills me to see this growth!  Thank you so much to everyone who has helped in any way.  It's hard to imagine all we've done this year.  We've had 2 sub sales, 2 bake sales, sold candy bars, had a craft show, and the biggest one was the auction/chicken bar-b-q, which turned out awesome, considering we didn't have the turn-out we expected.

We are growing!!!

I haven't posted for a while, but I have to update you on our progress.  Our group has GROWN!  I'm so thrilled about that!  We have a great group of people, and I appreciate everything they do!  We have done so many fund raisers this year.  I can't wait to start shopping for the families!!!  We're waiting for the information from the agencies about families, but I have actually done a little shopping already!  :-)
We rely on fundraising and donations all year long.

Holiday Hope - Why? Personal Stories

This morning, in church, I heard of a lady who had no child care and had to take her kids to work with her.  It touched my heart, and I was wishing that someone actually knew her name....she is the exact person who Holiday Hope is looking to help. 
Last year, an unemployed man asked us to help by just giving him "one gift for each child".  He had 8 children, and was recently unemployed.  He said that for the "one gift", he would do work for us, if we needed anything done at home.

May Update!

Well, things are really moving along...we have 4 fundraisers between now and the end of the summer!  Candy bars just started today, and it's going great!  I went to a church meeting last night and gave a short presentation of what Holiday Hope does.  They gave permission for us to use the church for the auction/chicken bar-b-q, for wrapping, and for anything we need as long as they aren't using it...and at NO COST!  It's great to see how much support we have!  We have at least 2 new volunteers!  The next meeting is May 19 @ 7:00 pm.  Anyone who is interested in joining us, please let me know!!!  Thanks for everyone's support!!!  :-)


Welcome to Holiday Hope!  I'm glad you stopped by!  My name is Cheri, and I'm the founder of the organization.  How do you like the new website?  If you have any comments or questions, here's the place to say whatever you want!  I hope some of you will join us in our dedication to providing a Christmas to those who wouldn't have had one.  There is so much need right now.  Please help us to help others.  Thanks so much for looking!
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